How to Make Large Floral Centerpieces


Floral centerpieces make use of fresh flora and foliage. They provide decorative accents and focal points to dining tables and other surfaces. Making your own large floral centerpieces provides you with an enriching and creative endeavor that results in one-of-a-kind decorative pieces. They make excellent gifts and are enjoyable to create with family members for quality family gatherings. Making large floral centerpieces proves to be a completely customizable craft, allowing you to let your creativity take control.

Step 1

Place the base of your choice in front of you on a protected work surface. Ideal bases for large floral centerpieces include large baskets, serving platters, punch bowls and large aluminum dishes.

Step 2

Layer the bottom of the base with an inch of substrate. Substrate choices include decorative grasses, leaves, shredded paper or coconut fiber. Spread the substrate up the inner walls of the base you have chosen.

Step 3

Place the smallest flowers of the arrangement in the base. Allow them to fall naturally into place, as they are only there to provide cushion and filler for the larger blossoms of the centerpiece. Smaller flower choices include baby's breath, shasta daisies, chamomile or violets.

Step 4

Arrange the largest flowers throughout the centerpiece to create focal points of color and texture. Place the largest of the blossoms in the very center of the base, or arrange a cluster of three or four of them to create a central point of view. Large flower varieties may include grandiola roses, magnolias or Asiatic lilies.

Step 5

Place your chosen accents decoratively around the centerpiece. For example, two tall candles placed at either side of the base creates alternating colors and textures in the centerpiece. Decorative crystals and stones also create accents in your large floral centerpieces.

Things You'll Need

  • Large base Substrate Large flowers (20) Small flowers (40) Accent pieces


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