How to Make an Apple Necklace


Nature crafts allow children to explore the wonders of nature while discovering new ways to use common objects. This apple necklace allows the little girl in your life to explore the process of drying and preserving fruit, while making a delightful necklace she can wear with pride. Although adult supervision is needed to prepare the apples, stringing them into a necklace is easy enough for a child to complete.

Step 1

Select firm apples free of blemishes and bruises. Wash in cold water and pat dry with paper towel.

Step 2

Core the apples with an apple corer or a sharp knife.

Step 3

Slice the apples crosswise, so the hole from the removed core is in the middle of the slice. Make uniform slices of approximately ¼ inch.

Step 4

Place the apple slices in a mixture of 1 cup lemon juice and 1 cup water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. Lemon juice prevents the apple slices from discoloring.

Step 5

Remove the slices and pat dry.

Step 6

Layer apple slices on a baking sheet. Dry in the oven at 150 to 200 degrees F for six hours. Turn slices every two hours to promote even drying.

Step 7

Remove and allow to cool.

Step 8

Cut a section of ribbon to the desired length.

Step 9

String apple slices on the ribbon by running the ribbon through the center hole. Tie the ribbon and wear as a necklace.

Things You'll Need

  • 8-12 apples 1 cup lemon juice Apple corer Sharp knife Baking sheet Ribbon, 1/4 inch wide


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