How to Use a Gas-Powered Sod Cutter


Gas-powered sod cutters are very useful if you have a large area of sod you wish to remove. You can either buy your own sod cutter or rent one from your local hardware store. These machines tend to be a bit cumbersome, so make sure you wear sturdy shoes and eye protection. Gas-powered sod cutters are excellent for cutting long strips. However, you will probably need to use a manual sod cutter for any curves you wish to make.

Step 1

Remove any large rocks and garbage from the area you are removing sod. If you have any sprinkler heads, clothesline poles or water pipes sticking up, make sure these are marked with spray paint so you do not run them over.

Step 2

Check the oil level in the sod cutter and make sure it is at the manufacturer's recommended level. Read manual to find out what type of oil your particular sod cutter needs.

Step 3

Make sure the gear shift is in neutral, raise the blade and push the sod cutter to your starting point.

Step 4

Lower the blade once you are in position and pull the engine start cord. Once the sod cutter is running, you may shift it to the slowest gear while pulling the throttle.

Step 5

Walk forward a short distance and then stop. Put the sod cutter into neutral and check the depth of the cut. If you want the cut to be deeper or thinner, turn the depth adjustment knob accordingly.

Step 6

Shift the sod cutter back into the slowest gear and walk forward a few steps. Shift back to neutral and double check the depth of the cut. Go back to the slowest gear and finish the length of cut you desire.

Step 7

Push the blade lever forward to cut off the strip of sod when you have reached the end of the area you wish to cut. Push down on the handle so the front wheels come up off the ground and turn direction.

Step 8

Position the sod cutter to cut the second strip and walk forward. Continue in this fashion until you have finished cutting the entire area.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use the sod cutter on steep hills.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray paint Oil


  • Bluebird: Sod Cutter Operator's and Parts Manual
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