Sod Cutter Instructions


If you would like to make a new garden bed somewhere in your yard where grass is currently growing, then a sod cutter will be the tool you need. It looks a lot like a shovel, however, it does a better job removing the grass and roots and gives the cleared area a more polished look. Sod cutters are easy to use and you should be able to quickly clear out the area you wish. If you have a very large area of sod you want to remove, there are gas powered sod cutters. However, these are difficult to use and do not do a very good job making curves. The manual sod cutter is usually a much better choice for the average home owner.

Step 1

Decide what size and shape you want to make your new garden bed. Use spray paint to draw your design on the grass so you can visualize what it will look like.

Step 2

Pick a starting point and push the sod cutter into the ground with your foot. Continue pushing down until you hear the grass roots tearing out of the soil.

Step 3

Lift the sod cutter out of the ground. Move over a few inches and repeat Step 2. Continue in this way until you have outlined a 1 to 2 foot square of sod.

Step 4

Slide the sod cutter under the square and push, separating the sod from the soil. Lift it up. If you want to move it to another area of your yard, carry it there carefully, grass side up.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 2 to 4 until the entire area you outlined is free of sod.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray paint Sod cutter


  • Gardening Gone Wild: Sod Off (in an Eco-Friendly Way)
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