Ideas for a Pea Trellis

Growing on vines from 2 to 5 feet high, depending on the variety, peas (Pisum sativum) benefit from a trellis or other support. They easily climb the structure, grabbing onto it with thin but strong tendrils. Peas grown on a supporting trellis are easier to pick and produce a larger crop than those scrambling along the ground.

Stakes and String

A simple arrangement of stakes a few feet apart in the row connected with string is adequate for pea varieties growing about 24 inches high. Use stakes about 30 inches tall, and install with at least 6 inches underground. Run a string along the tops of the stakes and another about 6 to 8 inches above ground level.

Plastic or Metal Mesh

Best for taller pea varieties that can reach 5 feet high, plastic mesh netting is available at garden centers and seed catalog companies. Alternatively, metal mesh available at hardware stores can be substituted for plastic mesh. Available in various sizes, a 4-inch mesh is an ideal size, according to the University of Idaho Extension. Attach black plastic mesh netting or metal mesh to wooden posts or posts made from PVC piping.

Small Fence Sections

Considered decorative fencing--short sections of wire, wood or plastic fencing primarily used to enclose flower beds as a pea trellis. Because this type of decorative fencing is less than 2 feet high, it is best used for shorter varieties of peas.

Bush Trimmings

Recycle trimmings from bushes, trees or brush as a pea trellis. Remove leaves from the trimmings, and push them into the soil next to the row of peas. Insert large, multi-branched trimmings first, and then fill in the spaces between them with single branches. Push the butt end of the trimmings deep enough into the soil so the branch stands up. The tendrils on the pea vines will grab onto the trimmings, forming a bush-shaped row of pea vines.

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