List of the Prettiest Flowers

Like all things, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The prettiest flowers for one person may differ greatly for another, but some flowers top the list as examples of intricate petal shapes and flower form. Despite their functional use for perfumes, decorations and food for wildlife, some flowers achieve special status for the sheer beauty of the bloom.


Roses of all kinds grace gardens around the world. These lovely flowers come in a wide array of types with many cultivars exhibiting a prized fragrance that perfumes the entire garden. Roses feature soft, suede-like petals in literally every color of the rainbow. These plants are naturally deer resistant, with sharp thorns along the main trunk and stems. Roses prefer full sun and produce abundant flowers for cutting throughout the growing season. Cultivars include climbers, single-stem rose plants, bushes and shrubs that include both large and small flowers. Gardeners use roses in flowerbeds and in potted containers to bring beauty to the outdoor living space.


Few flowers produce the dramatic, intricate flower of the Iris. This plant features a large flower with three petals extending upward and three petals that droop slightly downward to form a mouth-like shape. These flowers like a spot in the full sun garden and bloom in late spring to early summer. Iris provide a wealth of color to the landscape with flowers in pink, purple, white, yellow, blue and blended colors. Cultivars include small varieties, from 8 inches tall at maturity, to statuesque plants over 3 feet tall. The beauty of the Iris lies in the this plant's ability to add drama to the landscape while enhancing other flowers in the garden with its strong green foliage.


This native to the high treetop canopy of the rain forest offers hundreds of different flowers shapes and sizes. A particular shape doesn't define orchid flowers. Some orchids feature widely spaced round petals with a striking bright center. Others showcase pointed petals ranging outward from a tightly clustered small center. Gardeners prize orchids for the plant's ability to produce strikingly beautiful flowers. Each orchid cultivar has different light and temperature requirements to generate blooms. Orchids come in blends of white, yellow, purple, pink, cream and yellow as well as darker hues of magenta, fuchsia and deep purple.

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