The Effects of Miracle Gro Plant Food

Miracle-Gro plant food is popular with many gardeners who believe that its effects are truly miraculous. It’s easy to mix and apply this product to vegetables, flowers, trees, houseplants and anything else you want to feed. The Scotts Company manufactures several Miracle-Gro products; these include their all-purpose plant food, which has an N-P-K ratio of 24-8-16; rose food; Bloom Booster, citrus food and others.

Larger Plants

Any plant fertilized with a plant food having a large amount of nitrogen will respond by sending out increased vegetation. But this effect can be short-lived with any high-nitrogen fertilizer, so Scotts advises consumers to continue fertilizing with Miracle-Gro products on a regular basis.

Increased Vegetable Production

Miracle-Gro products designed for vegetables, such as tomatoes, have a lower nitrogen content than do other vegetable fertilizers. Because nitrogen can cause excessive growth of leaves and other vegetative parts of a plant, too much of this nutrient can cause vegetables like tomatoes to produce less fruit. Miracle-Gro tomato fertilizer contains an N-P-K ratio of 10-16-10, which causes plants to produce more flowers and therefore more fruit.

Increased Flowering

Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Bloom Booster Flower Food claims that this product results in more flowers, healthier plants and better root development of ornamental flowering plants. With its N-P-K ratio of 10-16-10, the higher percentage of phosphorus is decreases the growth of foliage and increases the number of flowers.

Fertilizer Burn

Like other chemical fertilizers, all Miracle-Gro products can cause the roots of plants to become burned if they are exposed to excessive amounts of the product. To prevent root burn and possible plant death, always measure MiracleGro products and apply them according to package instructions. Do not exceed the recommended dosages, especially on seedlings and other young plants.

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