Step-by-Step Indoor Growing


Start an indoor garden if you lack garden space, live in a cold area or have poor quality soil outside. Depending on personal taste, grow fruits, herbs, flowers or vegetables in containers, pots or hanging baskets to add color indoors and enhance the appeal of a spot. Pay careful attention to proper container selection and provide appropriate sunlight, water and fertilizer to ensure the health of plants. Regular maintenance and care are also important elements of successful indoor growing.

Step 1

Fill a terracotta pot with good quality potting soil and plant three seeds 1/4-inch deep. If starting in a seed flat, scatter over the soil and cover with a thin layer of soil. Water lightly and write names and dates of planting on paper before gluing to the pots.

Step 2

Place each pot in clear plastic to provide it the heat and warmth necessary for germination. Mist the soil frequently. Remove the plastic when the seeds germinate and prepare to transplant to bigger pots when seedlings develop the first true set of leaves--the second set of leaves to emerge.

Step 3

Drill several 1-inch wide drainage holes in the base of a larger container and spread an inch of gravel to improve drainage. Place a large saucer or flat underneath to catch drips. Fill the container with good-quality potting soil, or add a mixture containing equal amounts of peat, soil and perlite. Lightly moisten the mix with a watering can.

Step 4

Poke a stick into the mix and lower a seedling into each. Space seedlings 3 inches apart. Tamp the soil down and water lightly until the soil is evenly moist.

Step 5

Feed the seedlings a well-balanced fertilizer once a month during the summer at a quarter of the recommended strength. Reduce frequency in the winter when growth is slow or stops altogether.

Things You'll Need

  • Small terracotta pots or seed starter flats Potting soil Plant seeds Watering can Pencil Paper Glue Clear plastic bag Large container Electric or battery-operated hand drill Gravel Large flat Stick Well-balanced fertilizer


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