How to Send Floral Arrangements


Sending flowers to a loved one or friend lets them know you care, you remembered their birthday, you want to congratulate them or you're sorry. Whatever the occasion for sending a floral arrangement, you have several options for delivery based on the recipient's location, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to send beautiful blooms. Leave yourself a couple of days' lead time when you need to send flowers to ensure they're delivered on time.

Step 1

Visit local florists if you want to be able to pick out the floral arrangement yourself and if you are sending flowers to someone nearby. Most local florists have delivery options within your community or larger metropolitan area. Talk to the florist to arrange the details of sending flowers; pick out the flowers you want to send and pay for the floral arrangement.

Step 2

Order floral arrangements over the phone or using online florists if you need to send flowers to someone far away (or internationally) where local companies will not deliver. Pick out a floral arrangement based upon the price and type of flowers. You won't be able to see and smell the flowers but you will see images if you order online.

Step 3

Purchase flowers at a grocery store, flower market or florist yourself to have the most control over the bouquet. Then hire a courier or bicycle messenger to deliver the flowers locally. To sweeten the surprise, drop off the flowers yourself.


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