Ideas for Bouquets: Spider Mums

Spider mums are members of the Chrysanthemum family. They have long sturdy stems and large flowers up to 5 inches across with curled downward arching petals. Mums in general are a favorite for floral arrangements because they last up to ten days. Before arranging cut off an inch of the stem and keep the mums in a bucket of ice water to hydrate. Remove any leaves that will be below water. Change water daily to keep the spider mums fresh.


Japanese flower arranging is an art and discipline that takes years to learn. However it doesn't take long to mimic the minimalist look of oriental flower arranging. Chrysanthemums are used quite often. Cut the mums so they are three different heights. 15 inches, 10 inches and 3 inches are good choices. Put a floral frog in the bottom of a shallow tray. A floral frog has sharp prongs pointing upward. The flower stems are pushed onto and in between the prongs. Push the mums onto the frog. Place two gracefully arching branches of greenery between the taller mums. Cover the frog with additional greenery so it doesn't show.

Game Day

Back in the day during college football rallies and at the game, girls wore chrysanthemum corsages with ribbons in their school colors. Celebrate the big game, whether college or professional, with a football and mum centerpiece. Put a football on its pointed end. Fill around the football with spider mums. They're big so you won't need too many. Create a corsage with one of the spider mums and ribbons in your team's colors. Hot glue the corsage to the football. Hot glue kid-sized footballs to wooden skewers. Cut the stems of the spider mums so the flowers heads will be from 3 to 6 inches above the vase. Arrange the footballs among the mums. Add a fluffy bow in your team colors to the vase.

Underwater Sea Creatures

When you look at a spider mum it resembles a sea anemone--a creature that has many long slender tentacles arranged in circles. The tentacles wave in the water and catch small fish. Fill a large fish bowl with blue sea glass. Cut off the stems of three spider mums to a few inches. Push them onto a floral frog. Set the frog and flowers on the sea glass. Push the sea glass up around the frog is covered. Add a few sea shells around the flowers and one ceramic fish. Fill the fish bowl with water. Purple or green spider mums contrasts with the blue sea glass. Keep the mums all one color for this arrangement.

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