Fragrant Rose Types

Although all roses are beautiful, fragrant roses add an extra dimension, catching your attention as you walk by on a warm summer day or as cut flowers, filling your home with sweet scent. The fragrances are delightful and can vary as much as the colors, ranging from old-fashioned sweet aromas to spicy, clove-like aromas or even lemony scents.

Apricot Nectar

Apricot nectar roses (Rosa Apricot Nectar) produce a strong, fruity aroma. This plant is a floribunda rose with pink-tinted apricot blooms that will appear from summer until fall. Apricot nectar prefers warm climates and doesn't do well in cold, damp weather.

Chrysler Imperial

With its glossy leaves and deep crimson blooms, Chrysler Imperial (Rosa Chrysler Imperial) is a hybrid tea rose with a sweet, old-fashioned aroma. Chrysler Imperial is a vigorous, bushy rose that will reach 4 to 5 feet at maturity. Chrysler Imperial loves full sunlight and is a good choice for hot, dry climates.

Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Cloud (Rosa Tanellis) is a upright, bushy hybrid tea rose. Fragrant Cloud is a disease resistant rose that doesn't like hot weather and will show off its colors of reddish-purple to reddish-coral when temperatures are cool. Fragrant Cloud is named appropriately due to its intense citrus scent.

Mr. Lincoln

With its dark green foliage and large velvety red blooms, Mr. Lincoln (Rosa 'Mister Lincoln) has an intense old-fashioned rose aroma, also referred to as "damask." Mr. Lincoln roses thrive in hot, dry conditions. A hybrid tea rose, Mr. Lincoln is also known as "Mr. A. Lincoln" and "President Lincoln."

Double Delight

Double Delight (Rosa ANDeli) is a hardy hybrid tea rose with a strong spicy-sweet aroma. Double Delight, which produces deep green foliage and large blooms in creamy white with dark red edging, requires a sunny location and won't tolerate wet weather.


Pristine (Rosa JACpico) is a vigorous, disease-resistant hybrid tea rose with a distinctive, strong aroma. Although Pristine will bloom all season, it will put on its best show during the spring. Blooms are ivory with a pale pink tint.


America (Rosa JACclam) is a sturdy climbing rose with double blooms in shades of pink, salmon and coral that will appear from summer into fall. America has a pleasant, spicy clove aroma.

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