Homemade Plant Supports


When your plants grow tall and wide and they need support to keep them from growing in a mess along the soil, get creative and make homemade plant supports out of materials you already have lying around a garage or shed. With basic materials that most people have on hand, you can fashion effective structures that will provide the necessary support without spending excessive money on materials.

Tied Stakes

Step 1

Position a 3- to 4-foot stake approximately 4 inches away from a plant that requires support.

Step 2

Pound the stake into the soil with the hammer until at least 4 inches of the stake is beneath the soil surface.

Step 3

Tie the center stem of the plant to the stake with the stretchy plant ties. Place the first tie approximately 6 inches above the soil level and space additional plant ties every 6 inches along the stem to anchor the plant to the stake.

Step 4

Tie the plant to the stake with additional stretchy ties as the plant grows taller. Add an additional stretchy tie for every 6 inches of plant growth.

Stake and Wire Cages

Step 1

Position three 3- to 4-foot stakes around plants that require support, spacing the three stakes an equal distance apart around the plant and approximately 6 inches away from the plant.

Step 2

Pound each stake into the soil with the hammer to drive the stakes between 4 and 6 inches beneath the soil.

Step 3

Stretch chicken wire around the outside of the stakes. Overlap the chicken wire by approximately 3 inches and cut the excess chicken wire off with wire cutters.

Step 4

Attach the chicken wire to the stakes with the plastic ties, placing a tie just above the soil level, at the top of the chicken wire and approximately halfway in between the two ties along each stake. Tighten the plastic ties securely.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood stakes (3 to 4 feet high) Hammer Stretchy plant ties (old nylons) Chicken wire (1-inch mesh) Wire cutters Plastic ties


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