Simple Gardening Tools

To tend a garden, the gardener requires a basic set of simple tools. Unlike more complex, powered tools, the simplest garden tools have few moving parts and help to break up soil, sow and help to tend a garden. Make sure before you begin planning your home garden, you have these tools on hand to ensure you will be equipped for success.

Watering Can or Hose With Nozzle

Watering cans and hoses fitted with nozzles provide the plants in your garden with a lower pressure water flow, more similar to a natural rain, than the stream from a bare water hose. This can prevent damage to delicate growing plants. Regular watering will ensure that your plants will thrive no matter your climate.

Spade or Trowel

A spade has a flat, pointed head at the end of a long handle used for turning over dirt in a garden. These have a flatter head design than shovels, which hold and move dirt better than a spade. For potted plants or smaller gardening beds, opt for a hand trowel, which resembles a miniature spade, used for digging in a tiny space.


Rakes have bent tines at the end for separating leaves and debris from the grass on your lawn or plants in your garden. Be sure to have a leaf rake on hand for the autumn for cleaning up the leaves that fall in your yard.


Once established, you will need to keep the growth of your shrubs and trees in check with shears. Choose hand pruners for cutting off the dead and diseased branches of bushes and flowers in a garden plot, and opt for larger pruning shears or hedge trimmers for cutting larger tree branches or shrubs that have grown too large or become damaged.

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