Varieties of Bachman's Peonies

Bachman’s is an upscale flower and landscaping company in Minnesota. It has been in business since 1885 and has garden centers, retail locations and nurseries around the state. Bachman’s holds seminars and events throughout the year including several horticulture society meetings. Bachman’s is known worldwide for producing its own indoor and outdoor plants, including beautiful hybrid peonies.

Nippon Beauty Peony

The "Nippon Beauty" peony (Paeonia "Nippon Beauty") is an inter-specific hybrid herbaceous perennial plant that reaches 3 feet in height and can span up to 3 feet. The plant needs full sunlight and should be watered when the soil become dry. The "Nippon Beauty" peony has green compound leaves and develops a bright scarlet blossom with a yellow center; the flower matures in the late spring and lasts into the summer. This flower is low maintenance and should be pruned in the fall.

Raspberry Charm Peony

The "Raspberry Charm" peony (Paeonia "Raspberry Charm") is a perennial plant that grows to 3 feet in height and spreads out up to 3 feet in width. The hybrid herbaceous plant needs full sunlight and requires watering only when soil has become dry. The "Raspberry Charm" peony has a stunning hot pink efflorescence with a dash of shell pink; the flower flourishes in the late spring until early summer. This plant is easy to care for and should be cut back in the fall. These flowers are excellent cut flowers for floral arrangements.

Charlie’s White Peony

The "Charlie’s White" peony (Paeonia "Charlie’s White") is a pure white flower with multiple guard petals that surround a fluffy whitish-yellow pompom bud. This plant grows to 4 feet in height and width. Its connected leaves are a dark shiny green. "Charlie’s White" peony buds in late spring to early summer and has a light fragrance. This plant should receive full sunlight and be winterized in the fall.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

This shell pink peony (Paeonia "Sarah Bernhardt") is named after the actress Sarah Bernhardt and is an herbaceous perennial. The leaves are linked and stay green throughout the year. The flower blooms late spring to early summer and resembles a fully opened carnation. The plant spreads up to 3 feet in width and reaches 3 feet in height. The "Sarah Bernhardt "should be planted in full sunlight.

Coral Charm Peony

The "Coral Charm" peony (Paeonia "Coral Charm") opens in the late spring to early summer with creamy peach or blush pink cup-shaped flowers with yellow centers. They have a light smell and are usually used in floral arrangements. The plant has green jointed leaves that remain throughout the year. These flowers received a Gold Medal award when they debuted. As with all other peony plants, cultivate in full sunlight and trim back during fall.

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