How to Create Garden Rooms


It is possible to create an outdoor space where a person can relax with their friends and family. The area may provide the opportunity for a dip in the pool, or a meal may be prepared and eaten there. Napping is another possibility. A garden room is an outdoor space that has been created with one or more specific purposes in mind. The creator first takes stock of what the area will be used for, then designs the space accordingly.

Creating the Room

Step 1

Erect one or more walls where ornamental plants can be planted. Build one of bricks or rocks for a rustic look, with a planter at the bottom. Plant ornamental flowers or ground covers that will grow up the wall, such as ivy. Use organic soils in planting, as well as heirloom, open-pollinated seeds, cuttings or plants whenever possible. Look for organic sources of these as well.

Step 2

Install an arbor of wood, wrought iron or lattice. Plant grapevines on either side of the arbor in organic soil. Train the grapes to grow up and over the arbor as if it were a trellis. Add a matching fence and gate to enclose the room, attaching them to the wall that was mentioned in the last step. Grow flowers such as lilies in the ground on the inside of the fence.

Step 3

Use a pergola over a seating area to keep the sun from beating directly down on people when they are enjoying a meal. Plant sweet peas to grow up and over this, as they grow year after year.

Step 4

Use flat stones, bricks or slate to create a patio-type floor in the garden room. Lay the flooring in an area where chairs and a table will be set up, or in the cook's outdoor meal prep area. Create walkways with these materials if desired.

Step 5

Use seating options depending on the desired end results. Set up a table with an umbrella and chairs for a dining or picnic area. Use a hammock for naps or reading. Put lounge chairs in place, with a small table in between for holding drinks.

Step 6

Add other features to bring things together. Place a barbecue in the area for easy meal preparation. Add a pool if the area is big enough, along with lawn chairs and umbrellas. Plant berries and other edibles in containers and place them around the garden room in attractive displays. Create a water feature using rocks and a fountain kit.

Things You'll Need

  • Rocks or bricks Ornamental flowers Ground covers Arbor Organic soil Grape vines Fence and gate Lilies Pergola Vining flowers Outdoor flooring Tables Umbrella Chairs Barbecue Pool Edible plants Planters Water features


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