How to Make a Plant Container


Wooden plant containers are used for flowers, bushes and small trees. They are also used for growing vegetables. They are easy projects to build, suitable for beginners. When planning your plant container construction, always keep in mind the amount of room needed for mature plant roots. A small tree may require a container that’s 20 inches across if you don’t want to replant as it grows. Annual flowers will grow in a container as small as 10 inches square.

Step 1

Cut two pieces of wood for the front and back of the plant container. Measure and mark a length of 10 inches twice with a pencil and tape measure. Cut the board at the markings.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of wood for the sides of the plant container. Measure, mark and cut two lengths of 8 ½ inches.

Step 3

Set the boards up, on edge, in a frame-shape with a side board inside at each end of the two 10-inch long boards.

Step 4

Brush glue over all four edges of the inside edges of the side boards. Place them back into the frame-shape and press the front and back boards against the glued edges. Allow the glued board to dry overnight.

Step 5

Attach the screwdriver attachment to the drill. Adhere a screw approximately every 3 to 4 inches along the vertical ends of the front and back boards. The screws enter the side board edges, where the glue was placed, after going all the way through the ends of the longer boards.

Step 6

Place the wooden frame atop a scrap piece of plywood. Use your pencil to draw around the frame. Lift the frame off and set it aside. Cut the plywood around the drawing marks.

Step 7

Brush glue onto the edges of one side of the wood frame. Place the cut plywood over the glue, matching sides and corners. Place a heavy object on top, such as a stone or brick. Let it dry for five or six hours.

Step 8

Attach the plywood permanently to the edges of the wood frame by placing screws about every 3 to 4 inches. The screws will go all the way through the plywood and into the wood frame edges, where it was glued.

Step 9

Remove the screwdriver attachment from the drill and replace it with a round drill bit. Randomly drill five to seven holes through the plywood for water drainage holes.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood board, ¾ inches thick, 8 inches wide, 6 feet long Tape measure Pencil Saw Wood glue Drill and attachments Screws, 1½-inch ½-inch plywood


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