Kinds of Easter Flowers

Easter dresses, baskets, bunnies, candies and died eggs are all part of the Easter custom in many homes. Also, certain flowers have become part of the tradition and help celebrate this springtime holiday. Because Easter can occur in the very beginning of spring, many Northern gardens have not even begun to bloom. Fortunately, even if your flowers are not in bloom at Easter time, you can still celebrate and enjoy Easter with several flower traditions indoors.

Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are perhaps the most popular Easter flower tradition and are found in Christian churches across the world on Easter Sunday to help celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lily is mentioned several times in the Bible and the color white symbolizes purity and grace. Easter lilies are often acquired as potted plants but can be transplanted into the garden as outdoor perennials, if desired.


The yellow daffodil variety is often associated with Easter and in fact, in German, yellow daffodils are called “Osterglocke,” which translates in English to "Easter bell." Daffodils are usually in bloom at Easter and adorn the background for egg hunts and pictures of the family in their pristine Easter attire. Planted in the fall, daffodils are reliably winter hardy and even begin to grow when snow still covers the ground.


Potted tulips are typically sold in garden centers around Easter time and are frequently given as gifts for Easter. After blooming, potted tulips can be transplanted outdoors, but will not bloom for several years. Tulip bulbs, like daffodils, are planted in the fall, but in most climates are they do not bloom before Easter arrives, especially if Easter falls in March or early April.

Pussy Willows

Pussy willows are part of the Easter tradition in many countries, such as in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland. Depending on the culture, pussy willows are cut and used as alternatives to palms on Palm Sunday (the week before Easter) and used by the boys to flirt and “whip” the girls' legs on Easter Monday during Easter caroling. Pussy willows bloom in the spring and are a nice addition to the home garden.

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