Natural Ways to Get Rid of Garden Moles

Moles are small mammals, about the size of chipmunks. They can be a homeowner’s enemy when they come to live on property where they are not wanted. This small insectivore is especially bothersome in lawns and areas where bulbs grow. They create tunnels just under the soil surface, which can ruin the appearance of even the best-tended yard. Several folk remedies have been used to rid gardens of moles. Some of these techniques are more effective than others, with trapping topping the list.


Begin trapping moles as quickly as you can after you notice their tunnels and runways, especially in lawn areas. Spring and fall are the optimum times to expect success with traps. Several different types of traps are available for purchase: harpoon, scissor-jaw, spear type and choker loop trap have all shown to be effective. Traps are sold at garden supply stores and through Internet sources. Be sure to follow package instructions carefully to prevent injury to yourself, children and pets.


The strong-smelling scent of mothballs repels moles but will not kill them. If you place a handful of mothballs into the moles’ runways, they will abandon the areas where the mothballs are. Moles will move to other areas nearby, so you might need to reapply mothballs into several different runways as new ones appear. Keep a close watch on development of new runways and continue placing mothballs into them until you have chased the moles from your yard.

Alter the Moles’ Environment

The favorite food of moles is earthworms, which typically occur in abundance in lawns. If you reduce the amount of water you give your lawn, conditions that favor earthworms can change, and the reduction in the number of worms can also mean a reduction in the number of moles that are attracted to lawn areas. If you mow your lawn close to the ground, you’ll be able to see the tunnels more clearly, which will help you to identify where the moles are active. Ohio State University suggests replacing lawn with gardens, paths and other natural habitats that are less attractive to moles.

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