How to Do a Pea Plant Project


Children are curious about the world around them. Everyday occurrences like butterflies hatching from cocoons and plants growing from seeds amaze children’s minds and grow their understanding of the world. Teach your students about the wonders of pea plants by doing a class pea plant project.

Step 1

Cut apart the egg carton cups with scissors to form the children’s individual planting pots.

Step 2

Provide the students with paintbrushes and watercolor paint. Encourage them to decorate their individual planting pots.

Step 3

Place soil into the pots for the children and show them how to plant their seed.

Step 4

Water the pea plants daily and place them in a warm place where the children can observe the plants sprouting.

Step 5

Assign the students the task of recording the growth of their pea seed every day in a journal. If the students are not yet proficient writers, ask them to draw the plant every day in the journal using crayons showing the changes in their pictures.

Step 6

Once the plants begin collapsing over the side of the egg cartons, send the plants home with the children to plant in their gardens.

Things You'll Need

  • Recycled paper egg carton Scissors Paint brushes Water colors Soil Journals Crayons


  • “Inexpensive Science Experiments for Young Children, Grades K-1”; Dierdre Englehart; 2004
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