How to Plant Bald Cyprus Trees


Bald cypress are extremely long-living, very slow-growing trees that are found growing throughout swampy bogs and marshland habitats of the eastern and southeastern United States. They are also known as swamp cypress, red cypress, white cypress and gulf cypress. These deciduous conifers have many uses, including wild-life restoration, erosion control and for their timber, which is used in flooring, doors, cabinetry and even for window blinds. Before planting a bald cypress tree take some time to choose the planting site carefully.

Step 1

Choose a proper planting site for the bald cypress trees. The ideal site should be in full sun and provide soil that is fertile, loamy and acidic. Contrary to popular belief, bald cypress do not require intermittent flooding to grow well. According to Floridata, bald cypress will grow faster and be healthier specimens if they are not subjected to any flooding whatsoever.

Step 2

Remove all superfluous vegetation from the planting site. Use a pair of snips to remove any shrubbery and a shovel or a garden hoe to remove any grass, as well as weeds and their roots.

Step 3

Dig planting holes for each bald cypress using a trowel or shovel, depending on the size of the cypress trees you are planting. Each hole should be about 1-and-1/2 times the width of the container the trees are growing in, but no deeper. Space each hole either 8 or 10 feet apart, depending on what variety you are planting.

Step 4

Remove a bald cypress tree from its growing container. Invert the container, and with your hand at the base of its trunk, tap the rim of the container with a mallet or a small block of wood until the container slides off the root system. You can also remove the container using a pair of sturdy all-purpose snips. Cut along the sides of the container, starting at the rim or a drain-hole, until you can extract the tree from the container.

Step 5

Plant a bald cypress tree into a planting hole. Do not plant the tree too low in the hole. It should be planted so the base of its trunk is level with the surrounding top soil.

Step 6

Back-fill the planting hole to fill the hole with soil. Pack the soil down gently with your hands as you proceed.

Step 7

Water the cypress trees thoroughly until you are certain each has been well soaked. During the first three weeks after planting, plan on watering each cypress tree three times a week, as suggested by Rockledge Gardens.

Things You'll Need

  • Bald cypress trees Snips Shovel or hoe


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