How to Adjust My Hunter Sprinkler Heads


To adjust your Hunter sprinkler heads, it helps to know the location of other sprinkler heads on your property. Draw a scaled sketch of your property, locating the sprinkler heads on your sketch. Determine the degree of arc for each sprinkler head by deciding on how much of a 360 degree circle you need to water. Determine the distance of the radius for each sprinkler head by the space between each sprinkler head in your yard. The radius is how far the water extends from the head and into the yard.

Step 1

Rotate the top of the sprinkler head counterclockwise until it stops. Use the palm of your hand against the top of the sprinkler and press down, while rotating. Rotate it clockwise in the same manner until it stops. You must rotate the head in both directions to make the proper adjustments.

Step 2

Increase the spraying arc by inserting the key end of the Hunter sprinkler head wrench into the round adjustment socket. The adjustment socket is on top of the sprinkler head, and labeled with a plus and minus sign.

Step 3

Turn the wrench clockwise to increase the spraying arc from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. Turn it counterclockwise to decrease the spraying arc from 360 degrees to 40 degrees.

Step 4

Insert the wrench into the radius adjustment opening on top of the sprinkler head. This is the second round opening on top of the Hunter sprinkler head. Turn the key clockwise to decrease the radius of the spray and counterclockwise to increase the radius of the spray.

Things You'll Need

  • Hunter sprinkler head wrench


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