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Brugmansia is a genus of flowering, semi-woody perennial plants that adopt a tree form and grow rapidly in warm climates or during the summer months down to USDA zone 9. Commonly called angel's trumpet, brugmansia plants are showstoppers in the garden, with large dangling blooms in a range of colors and shadings. All parts of the brugmansia plant contain powerful and toxic narcotic compounds, according to the University of Vermont, and should be planted only where children and animals cannot access them.

Step 1

Source brugmansia plants from tropical plant specialists for the widest variety and healthiest plant specimens. There are dozens of brugmansia cultivars, and if you are seeking a special or rare cultivar these specialty nurseries, whether they are online or off, will be your best resource.

Step 2

Choose your brugmansia plant cultivar for the color and patterning of its blooms. Brugmansia foliage and stems are all a rich mid-tone green, but the flowers can be a single color or an ombre combination transitioning from cream or white to coral, apricot pink, butter yellow, rich egg yolk yellow or hues of pale lavender.

Step 3

Inspect the plants before buying. Look for healthy foliage with green, uncut leaf margins, a straight, upright and sturdy trunk and no signs of insects or disease. Look to purchase plants in bud or bloom from late June through October.


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