Native Plants That Originated in Spain

Spain is a country that is located in Southwest Europe. Spain borders Portugal to the west and Gibraltar and Morocco to the south. The climate in Spain is very diverse; it ranges from a subtropical climate to one that is cold and snowy. This climate provides a habitat for many different species of plant life.

Lacy Self-Heal

Lacy self-heal (Prunella laciniata) is a herbaceous, perennial ground cover. It blooms from May to June with purple to lavender-colored blooms. The plant can grow up to a foot tall and spreads up to three feet wide very quickly. Lacy self-heal is very tolerant of a wide variety of soil types. It prefers well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade. It is also susceptible to slugs, so you must spray an insecticide to prevent infestation.

Bird's-Nest Orchid

Bird's-nest orchid (Aconitum lamarckii) is a perennial herb that is most commonly found in shady woodland areas. The plant grows and blooms in the summer. The stems and flowers are a yellow-brown color. It grows up to a foot tall and has a fruit that contains dust-like seeds. The flowers emit a stale-smelling nectar that attracts flies and other insects. It carries on symbiosis with a fungi, which digests nutrients and passes them on to the plant.

Esparto Grass

Exparto grass (Stipa viridula) is also known as green needle grass. It is a cool-season, perennial grass. It grows up to 12 inches in length and can tolerate many types of soil. It grows best in full sun and is often used as a grass for livestock. It is not used as a replacement for hay but it is used in hay mixtures.


Anthora (aconitum anthora) is also known as healing wolfsbane or yellow monkshood. The plant grow up to five feet tall and flowers from July to August with yellow blooms. All parts of this plant are poisonous, so you should be very careful when planting near pets and children. It prefers moist, cool soils and partial shade. Its flowers are a popular flower for arrangements and are often used as a container flower.

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