How to Install Vinyl Lawn Edging


Vinyl lawn edging keeps the grass out of the flower beds and the flowers out of the lawn. Vinyl is tough and bendable; it makes a lawn and garden low-maintenance; and it stands up to all kinds of weather. Installation is not difficult, but if you don't do it right you'll cause damage to the edging, the grass and plants, and you'll have to do the project all over again.

Step 1

Dig or rototill a trough 6 inches deep where the edging is to go. Cut away any roots in the trough to get the trough empty.

Step 2

Set the edging into the soil with the V at the bottom of the trench and facing the flowers, not the grass. If the piece is too long, cut it with a utility knife. If it is not long enough, connect it to another piece by using connectors from the spike kit. Make sure the connector is half on one piece of edging and half on the other. Only the top 1/3 or ½ of the edging should be above the ground; otherwise you can damage the edging with your lawn mower.

Step 3

Replace some of the dirt into the trench using your hands. Pack it loosely in under the edging so the edging is at the right height. Do not fill up the trench at this point. Just make sure the edging is set in right.

Step 4

Stomp around the curved part of the edging to hold it firmly in place. The edging will naturally try to straighten itself out.

Step 5

Install the stakes beginning at a point 3 inches from the beginning of the edging. Plant the point of the stake into the V with the short, bent part at the top of the stake, facing downward.

Step 6

Hammer the stakes into the V down at a very slight angle, about 25 degrees, keeping them perpendicular to the edging. Place one stake every 7 feet, making sure there is one stake at each side of every joint even if it throws off the 7-foot measurement. Proper placement is important; otherwise frost will force the edging up.

Step 7

Fill the trench 2/3 full and stomp it down hard along the edging. You should be left with a narrow space between the edging and the lawn. Fill it in. Give the soil a good watering. When the soil settles down, top off the the rest of the soil. The grass will grow all the way to the edging and will be high enough in the summer to conceal it.

Things You'll Need

  • Commercial grade edging, at least 5½ inches wide Stake kit Sharp-edged shovel or rototiller Utility knife Hammer


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