Town Garden Ideas

A challenge faced by almost all urban gardeners is lack of space. Overcome this by working with the space you have and showcasing a small number of plant materials, rather than a vast expanse of garden beds filled with many different types of plants and flowers. A few well-placed flowers or containers of flowers are often enough to create an effective garden in town.


If your front or back yard slopes away from your house, it can be terraced to create a series of garden beds. Terracing increases the amount of land on the hillside and is an effective garden idea for a yard in town. Plant flowers at the edges of each tier so they cascade over the edge of the wall and draw the eye up and down to adjoining tiers.

Sidewalk Strip

Make a big impression with a simple strip of annual flowers planted at the juncture of the city sidewalk and the edge of your front lawn. This type of garden also works when planted on either side of the walkway leading from the city sidewalk to your front door. For a sophisticated look and the biggest impact, plant the entire strip with the same type and color of annual flower. For an area in full sun plant petunias or marigolds. In shady areas, plant impatiens or violas.


For a postage-stamp-size yard or a non-existent yard, garden in containers. A container next to the front door planted with flowers becomes a flower garden. Filled with lettuce, tomatoes or peppers, a container placed near the back door becomes a vegetable garden.

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