A List of Gardening Equipment

Every job is a little easier and goes a little smoother with the right equipment, and maintaining a garden is no exception. Stock your tool shed with a variety of gardening equipment, including those powered mechanically and those powered by hand.


For those with large gardens and a yard maintained as a lawn, a lawn mower is a necessity, along with a weed trimmer to trim borders and along fences, and a rototiller to turn over the soil in the vegetable garden each spring.

Long-Handled Hand Tools

For heavy digging and to work the soil in large areas, you'll need long-handled garden hand tools such as a garden spade and a shovel for general digging. A lawn rake and claw-type or crabgrass rake come in handy for general cleanup, and a hoe lets you behead unwanted weeds. You may also find use for a pitchfork to loosen soil, a post-hole digger when erecting plant supports such as tomato stakes, and a pair of hedge loppers.

Short-Handled Hand Tools

A hand claw is necessary for loosening the soil and preparing seedbeds. A hand trowel comes in handy for digging holes for transplants. You might also want a bulb planter if you enjoy tulips and daffodils and a yardstick to measure how far apart to plant bulbs, seeds or transplants.

Watering Equipment

When rainfall is unreliable you'll need a hose long enough to reach the garden bed, a hose-end spray nozzle to mist seedlings and seedbeds, an overhead sprinkler for lawns or planting beds, a soaker hose for roses and other plants that prefer water at the root zone, and a hand-watering can. For applying pesticides or fertilizer you may need a self-contained garden sprayer or a hose-end sprayer, preferably one for pesticides and a separate one for fertilizers.

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