Toro Mower Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance improves the performance of your Toro mower by reducing wear and tear on moving parts. In addition to reducing damage to your mower, proper upkeep helps prevent accidents caused by loose or broken parts. You should perform maintenance jobs while the mower is cool and not running. Filters, oil, spark plugs, blades and other parts need to be replaced routinely. Consult the owner’s manual for your Toro lawn mower for more information on schedules and detailed instructions.

Before Mowing

Before starting your Toro mower, you should clean any debris from under the mower deck and around the blades. The bolts that hold the blades onto the housing should be securely tightened. Add oil to the fill line on the oil reservoir if necessary and completely fill the gas tank with clean fresh fuel.

After Mowing

You can use a water hose or air hose to clean the frame and under the mower deck of your Toro mower after mowing. Remove all debris from under the mower deck and around the blades. Do not use water on a hot engine, as this can damage the engine block. Use an air hose to blow the dust out of the air filter and from around the carburetor, engine and pulleys.

Engine Maintenance

The air filter on your Toro mower should be cleaned after every use and changed after 25 hours of operation or every year, whichever comes first. It may need to be changed more often in dusty areas. The oil and oil filter should be changed after every 50 hours of operation or every year. It also should be changed after an extended period in storage. The spark plugs should be changed after every 100 hours of operation or every 4 years. They may need to be changed sooner if they are extremely dirty or broken.

Fuel System Maintenance

The fuel filter on your Toro mower should be cleaned or replaced after every 50 hours of operation. You should add fuel stabilizer to the gas in a stored mower to prevent the deterioration of the gas, or completely drain the gas tank.

Drive System Maintenance

Under normal operating conditions, the transmission fluid in your Toro mower should be changed every two years. Mowing on slopes, extremely rough areas, and in thick vegetation may reduce the effectiveness of the transmission fluid.

Other Maintenance

Charge the battery on your Toro mower after every five hours of operation or every month, whichever comes first. Grease the height adjuster brackets on the mower deck and the wheel gears as necessary for optimum performance. Sharpen or replace the blades when they become dull, usually after 25 hours of operation, depending on the type and thickness of vegetation mowed.

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