What Are Some Garden Pond Ideas?

Garden ponds create a focal point to the landscape and are an ideal spot to incorporate aquatic plants and other favorite outdoor accessories. Garden ponds change the appearance of the yard and provide a way to jazz up the space. They also complement any style home to create a seamless look to the space. Water garden ponds, which exist in a range of shapes and sizes, look dramatic when flanked with splashes of color

Water Plants

Garden ponds filled with floating water plants such as waterlilies and lotus create a colorful display. The plants, which grow in a wide range of shapes, sizes and bloom colors, can fill small or large garden ponds. Water lilies such as 'Yellow Dazzler' have fragrant, 8- to 10-inch-wide lemon yellow flowers that thrive in medium to large ponds. Their 17-inch-long green leaves create a commanding presence in a garden pond. Water lotus like sacred lotus have white, 8- to 10-inch-wide blooms and wavy leaves that float along the water’s surface and are most appropriate for small water ponds. Marginal aquatics like water forget-me-not flourish along the edge of garden ponds where the water is shallow and enhance the perimeter of a pond. Their pale blue flowers bloom from May to September and thrive in water no deeper than 3 inches.

Stone Path

A meandering stone path leads visitors along the water’s edge. Stone paths are ideal for easy access around a pond and serve as a resting spot to admire the garden. Stone paths materials offer options such as flagstone, slate, crushed granite, pebbles and brick. Pebbles allow homeowners to create a low-maintenance path and one that is attractive and durable. Soft underfoot yet highly textured and easy to maintain, pebbles create a natural display along a garden pond. They act as a filter and help to drain any excess pond water while preventing erosion if the pond is sloped or tiered. A fresh layer of rock updates the path, keeping it looking tidy and neat.

Solar Lights

Outdoor lights showcase a pond and create a magical feel to the garden. Solar lights are a low-cost--yet effective--way to light up the space. Solar lights require no electric power and look attractive around ponds of any shape or size. Their built-in, rechargeable battering charges during the day to flicker on at night. Solar lights staked every two to three feet along a pond's path or edge accent the landscaping with a soft glow.

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