How to Kill Termites in a Tree


Termites are a group of social insects that feed on dead plant materials. The worker termites forage and gather food. They also take care of the nests of young termites. When termites infest a building they can cause large-scale destruction. Not only do they destroy the homes, but they will eat any cellulose type of material, such as cloth, carpet, paper and trees. Once they have colonized in trees they are very hard to eliminate.

Step 1

Spray a liquid termiticide, such as Termidor or Bonide, around the perimeter of the tree. Spray an area that is approximately 4 feet away from the tree. Spray about 1 foot up the base of the tree. This will kill any termites surrounding the area and prevent others from joining.

Step 2

Locate the colony and spray the liquid termite treatment directly into the colony. This will kill the a majority of the termites in the tree.

Step 3

Place two to four termite traps at the base of the tree. The traps will lure the termites to the poisonous food, which they will carry back to the nests.

Step 4

Spray a termiticide around the perimeter of your home to prevent any of the termites from moving to your home. This will protect the wood for up to six months. You will need to respray after this time. Follow the directions on the bottle of termiticide.

Tips and Warnings

  • Contact your local termite professional. Some termite species can build underground colonies as large as 30 feet in length. Have your home inspected for termites and have preventive treatments done to prevent an infestation in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid termiticide Termite bait traps


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