How to Plant Radish Seeds


The scientific name for a radish is Raphanus sativus. Radishes are root vegetables that grow at a rather quick rate, ready to eat in as little as three weeks. Most radishes have a red skin with a white middle. They are often described as having a peppery taste. Because radishes are so quick and easy to grow, they are a perfect vegetable to get children started with. Children and adults can plant the radish from seed.

Step 1

Prepare a location in your vegetable garden that gets full sun. Radishes thrive with full sun and will grow slower if they are shaded for any part of the day.

Step 2

Till the soil down to a depth of 8 inches. Radishes will grow in almost any soil, as long as the soil drains well.

Step 3

Mix some compost in to your loose soil. Planet Natural recommends 10 lbs. of compost for every 100 square feet of soil.

Step 4

Create a hole in the soil that is 1/2 inch deep. You can do this with your finger. Go systematically from top to bottom in a row, placing each hole 2 inches apart. If you are going to make more than one row, make sure the rows are 8 inches apart.

Step 5

Add a seed to each hole you made, and cover it back up with soil.

Step 6

Water the radish seeds until the soil is moist. Check on the soil each day to make sure that it is still moist, not soaked. Water as needed.

Step 7

Check one of the radishes after 20 days to see if they are ready to be harvested. If not, wait three to four days and try another one. They should be ready by then.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your soil has a lot of rocks or pebbles in it, you will need to remove them before planting the radishes.

Things You'll Need

  • Sunlight Tiller Compost Radish seeds Water


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