Garden Window Ideas

A garden window is one where a garden can be created from within the home. This type of garden can be installed in any location within the home, but a sunny area will be the ideal location. The replacement window protrudes from the house and creates a small greenhouse area. The glass and platform, or shelf, are designed to create a workable garden space within the home. Using a bay window will allow for sunlight from more than one direction.

Add Shelving

Most garden windows provide the homeowner or renter with a sill on which to place things. This sill may or may not be enough space for gardening. If it is not, a shelf can be added just below the existing sill attached with a couple of brackets and some screws. Another shelf can be added midway up the window, attached to the sides of the window.

Other Space Considerations

Planters can be hung from the wall above the window, or to the area next to a bay window where the sun can still reach them. These planters can be attached with brackets and screws as well. Space can also be added for gardening by attaching garden boxes to the outside of the windows.

What to Grow

Once the garden window is set up, planting can begin. It is important to use eco-friendly containers and organic soil. Open-pollinated, organic seeds are another option to consider. Almost anything will grow in a garden window. If the window is located in the kitchen, an edible garden is ideal. Place planters of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini on the bottom sill, and an assortment of herbs such as parsley and chives on the shelf above. The hanging planters can hold an assortment of berries, and salad greens can be planted in the window boxes. The seasonal garden is another option, perhaps placed in a living room garden window. For example, an autumn garden would contain a few dwarf sunflowers, as well as marigold and other flowers of orange and yellow.

Herb Garden

An herb garden can be created for multiple purposes. Culinary herbs include parsley and chives. Tea herbs include pennyroyal and lemon thyme. Vervain and mints can be used to create bath and body products, and lavender can be dried for use in crafting. It is important to know how tall each herb that you use will grow.

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