Cultivation of Stephanotis Floribunda


Stephanotis floribunda is a tropical vine desirable for its highly fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers. Often called "bridal wreath" for its frequent use in wedding arrangements, this plant is a tender perennial that will grow in-ground or in containers, although it does not bloom well as a houseplant. This vine can grow to 15 feet tall on a trellis or other support structure, according to North Carolina State University. Stephanotis floribunda will reward the outdoor home gardener with heavily scented, long-lasting blooms if given proper care.

Step 1

Choose a location that receives full sunlight or partial afternoon shade. Stephanotis floribunda should only be grown outdoors in areas where the temperature does not drop below 59 F, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Step 2

Choose a planting site that has rich, loose, loamy soil. The location should not be in a depression that collects standing water; it should be well-draining.

Step 3

Plant the vine in a hole as deep and wide as the root ball. Back-fill with the removed soil, and water thoroughly. Do not add any mulch or fertilizer.

Step 4

Provide support for your vine, if you want it to grow vertically. A freestanding trellis works well. Or, keep the vine pruned short so it can grow in a shrub-like manner.

Step 5

Keep the soil moist during the hot summer months. Reduce the amount of water given in the winter (let the soil dry out) so the plant can enter a dormant state.

Step 6

Monitor for insect pests. This plant does not suffer from major insect pests or diseases, but minor insects such as mealy bugs or scale can invade the plant, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden website. Knock them off with a strong stream of water.

Tips and Warnings

  • Stephanotis floribunda should not be fertilized, according to North Carolina State University.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel Watering tool Trellis Clippers


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Who Can Help

  • National Arboretum: USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
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