How to Create Shade With Light Blocking Bamboo


Shade is created by trees, buildings, awnings and pergolas. Waiting for a tree to grow big enough to provide shade takes up to five years or more. While you're waiting, create an easy shade shelter with inexpensive materials. Lattice is one alternative but it is heavy. Sail cloth is another but it's prone to wind damage and ripping. Consider a shade shelter made with bamboo fencing. Construction shouldn't take more than a weekend.

Step 1

Dig four holes for the posts. They should be 6 feet apart in length and 4 feet apart in width forming a rectangle. Sink the posts in holes 18 inches deep and a few inches wider than the posts. Fill the holes with gravel to within 12 inches of the top.

Step 2

Mix the cement per label directions. Pour the cement down the holes and through the gravel. Check the posts to make sure they are level, all the same height and straight. Cure the concrete by letting it set up for 48 hours.

Step 3

Nail the two 6-foot lengths of wood to the two 4-foot lengths, by overlapping the wood at the corners, making a rectangle that is 4 by 6 feet. Nail the additional two 4-foot lengths across the rectangle, 2 feet from the edges.

Step 4

Lay the bamboo fencing across the top of the wood frame. Using zipper lock plastic fasteners that lock in place, fasten the bamboo fencing to the wood frame every 2 feet.

Step 5

Put the frame with fencing on top of the posts. You may need a friend to help. Each corner of the frame should be resting on top of one of the posts. Nail the frame to the posts with three nails. One nail should be where the two pieces of the wood frame cross over each other. The other nails should be about 2 inches to the sides of the first nail.

Tips and Warnings

  • Bamboo fencing has splinters. Wear safety goggles

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel Posts 9 feet long Gravel Cement Level Wood boards 6-feet long (2) Wood boards 4-feet long (4) Hammer Nails Bamboo fencing 6-feet tall Zipper lock fasteners Ladder


  • "Great Ideas for Your Garden"; Courtier et al; 2003
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