Florida Panhandle Lawn Tips

The Florida panhandle is located in northwestern Florida and borders the Gulf of Mexico. This warm temperate environment supports the growth of warm-season grasses during the spring, summer and fall months. Warm-season grasses are sensitive to adverse environmental conditions, including improper irrigation and mowing. Proper management of your Florida panhandle lawn involves careful monitoring of the turf's condition and regular maintenance.


Water your lawn only when the grass shows visible signs of drought. Visible signs of under-watering and stress include folding leaf blades, gray-blue coloration or footprints that remain visible for several days after being made. Regular, heavy watering can lead to topsoil saturation, which weakens the grass's root systems and leaves the lawn vulnerable to weeds, diseases and pests.


Mow the lawn to an optimal height for the type of grass. Grass types with horizontally growing blades should generally be kept shorter than grass types with more vertical growth. Sharpen the mower blades to ensure a clean cut, which reduces stress to the turf grass. Mulching lawn mowers are better than non-mulching mowers because the grass clippings are an excellent natural fertilizer.

Thatch Control

Aerate the lawn at regular intervals during the growing season to control excessive thatch buildup.Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter between the base of the grass blades and the topsoil. Thatch buildup is most likely to occur in the Florida panhandle during the summer, when grass growth is most rapid. Over-watering and -fertilizing can contribute to thatch buildup, and some grass varieties are naturally prone to thatch accumulation.


The best way to keep weeds off your lawn is to promote the best possible environment for the growth of grass. A dense, healthy lawn grass is able to outcompete opportunistic weeds and serves as the first line of defense against infestation. Proper watering, mowing and thatch control will naturally protect the lawn from weeds by supporting the growth of grass.

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