Miracle Gro Effects

Miracle Gro is the name of several plant foods made by the Scotts Company. All-purpose Miracle Gro is recommended for general usage; it contains an N-P-K ratio of 24-8-16, according to the Scotts website. Other Miracle Gro products include rose food, “Bloom Booster” flower food, citrus food and others. Scotts touts their fertilizers as creating “bigger, more beautiful plants and vegetables.”

Rapid Plant Growth

The nitrogen content in Miracle Gro causes plants to send out rapid new terminal growth soon after application. However, sources such as the North Dakota State University website warn that this effect is short-lived, and you must reapply this plant food regularly to maintain the nitrogen that plants need.

Increased Flower Production

The product literature for Miracle Gro Continuous Release Bloom Booster Flower Food claims that it “promotes spectacular blooms, more color and root development” for all types of flowering plants. The N-P-K ratio of 10-16-10 gives plants a higher percentage of phosphorus than all-purpose plant foods; this typically causes less vegetative growth and increased flower production. This product is most effective when you apply it once every three months.

Increased Vegetable Harvests

Miracle Gro Tomato Plant food contains an N-P-K ratio of 18-18-21, which causes tomatoes and other vegetables to produce larger fruit and more plentiful harvests, according to product literature from the Scotts Company. Scotts claims that when you use this plant food once every week or two weeks, plants grow larger and remain healthier than plants that you do not fertilize.

Fertilizer Burn

Although not stated in Scotts product literature, Miracle Gro can cause plants to become burned if you apply excessive amounts of it. Because it is a chemical fertilizer, Miracle Gro contains ingredients that include salts and inorganic nitrogen sources. To prevent burning, mix and apply all Miracle Gro products according to label instructions.

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