Autumn Flowers in Australia

Autumn in Australia is characterized by blooms and foliage changing colors and form, along with fresh blooms appearing. Spring and summer blooms such as aster grow larger and change from light purple to a deeper shade, while white grandifloras change to purple and pink. Leaves turn to deeper shades of purple, red, bronze and orange. Beautiful fall flowers rising from the ground bring color for the colder months.


Also called 'Asakura' camellia, camellia or sasanqua camellia, 'Asakura' is an evergreen shrub belonging to the camellia family. Like the other flowers belonging to this group of camellias, it blooms in autumn or fall. Native to China and Japan, this flowering shrub grows in many different parts of the world including Australia, due to its ability to adapt to a variety of conditions and climates. It features egg-shaped, deep green glossy leaves that grow up to 2 inches long and 6-inch wide white flowers with yellow centers. Each flower is composed of scalloped-edged petals. Left untrimmed, 'Asakura' grows between 10 to 13 feet tall. Plant the 'Asakura' in a large container or garden soil as a hedge or accent to spruce up your lawn in the autumn.

Baby Cyclamen

Baby cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium) is a perennial Australian showy plant that begins flowering in mid- to late fall for up to two months. It grows up to 6 inches high and features small white or pink scented flowers that grow on brown or red stems. The petals on each flower are naturally swept back. Baby cyclamen has oval-shaped, 3-inch long leaves that vary from green to deep green variegated with attractive patterns in silver or white. The leaves are naturally curled in, as if starting to wilt. Baby cyclamen is grown both outdoors in the soil and in containers inside.

Autumn Crocus

Native to Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale), also known as meadow saffron, fall crocus, wonder bulb or mysteria belongs to the genus Colchicum. It features large blue or purple 4-inch-wide flowers in clusters of one to four that grow from the soil without any foliage. These flowers bloom for two to three weeks before dying back. Four to eight 1-foot long leaves appear from the soil the next spring and produce food that is transported and stored in the plant's corm--an underground stem. The foliage then withers by early summer and the plant remains dormant until fall, when it flowers again to repeat the cycle. Each flower is comprised of six petals that are either thin and oval, or short and round.

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