How to Fix Lawn Care Pet Problems


Pet feces and urine cause patches of brown grass on a lawn because of the high and concentrated amounts of nitrogen they contain. These patches give an unsightly and unkempt appearance to a lawn and surrounding landscape. Although nitrogen in small amounts is good for lawns, such as those present in lawn fertilizers, concentrated amounts have an adverse reaction. Mild lawn burn repairs naturally, as long as urine does not come in contact with it again. Fix harsh lawn burn and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

Step 1

Douse the area where the dog urinates with water immediately. This dilutes the nitrogen so it does not burn the patch of grass. Soak it using four times the amount of deposited urine.

Step 2

Feed your dog a high-quality diet such as premium pet foods. This keeps the body's chemistry in balance so less nitrogen is excreted in urine. Urge the canine to drink plenty of water during the day, to help dilute the urine. Mix water into the food or add non-salted chicken or beef broth to it.

Step 3

Train the canine to urinate and play in designated spots in your lawn. Spread mulch or pea gravel over the area and surround it with landscaping edging that holds it in place. Place a fake hydrant or boulder over it to encourage the dog to urinate there.

Step 4

Cover any holes your dog dug out in a flower bed or lawn with topsoil so it is in line with the surrounding area. Replant grass seeds if necessary. Take your dog for short strolls around the block frequently to expend energy, so he or she is too tired to dig and damage your lawn.

Step 5

Dig a small trench with a shovel in the lawn and add your pet's favorite toys to encourage him or her to dig there instead of damaging your lawn. Reward your dog with a doggy treat after using the area to encourage him or her to continue using the spot.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose Premium dog food Mulch Edging Topsoil Grass seeds (if necessary) Shovel Doggy treats


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