How to Water Peace Lilies


The peace lily (Spathiphyllum clevelandii), a popular indoor houseplant, grows best in bright, filtered sunlight, but they will tolerate extremely low light levels and even thrive beneath fluorescent lights. The plant produces an abundance of long, green, strap-like leaves. It sports a unique white flowers. Often the leaves of the peace lily will show brown tipping. This condition usually results from too much water or watering with chlorine. The plant's foliage will droop if it does not receive ample water.

Step 1

Water the peace lily once a week using non-chlorinated water. The plant prefers rain water or distilled water. Peace lilies that grow in low light levels often require less water then plants in bright, filtered sunlight.

Step 2

Keep the soil evenly moist. The peace lily will not tolerate water-logged soil conditions.

Step 3

Place the peace lily on a small saucer filled with moist pebbles. The moist pebbles will increase the humidity around the plant and help maintain the healthy, green appearance of the foliage.

Step 4

Fertilize the peace lily once per month using a water soluble plant fertilizer. A 20-20-20 general purpose fertilizer is ideal. Mix the fertilizer at half the recommended strength on the label, and apply to the peace lily. The tiny feeder roots on the peace lily are very susceptible to burning from fertilizer that is too strong, so mixing it at half strength will lower the danger of burning the plant. Apply the fertilizer when watering the peace lily.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never allow the plant to dry out. The peace lily has tiny feeder roots which will rapidly die in dry soil. When the feeder roots die the plant droops, turns yellow and can quickly die.

Things You'll Need

  • Water soluble 20-20-20 general purpose plant fertilizer Saucer Pebbles Distilled water or rainwater


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