How to Price Soil by the Yard in Georgia


Georgia is an excellent climate to garden. Flowers, vegetables and fruit including cannas, petunias, tomatoes, roses and beans, just to name a few, all grow well in Georgia. When beginning a garden or building a raised garden bed, extra soil is often needed. Soil is sold in both feet and yards--or more accurately, cubic feet and cubic yards. When going out and researching how much a load of soil is going to cost you in the Peach State, first figure out how many cubic yards of soil you'll need.

Step 1

Compute (in feet) the area you want to cover with new soil. For rectangular or square plots, multiply length by width (LxW). For triangles, multiply base by height and divide by 2 (BxH/2). For a circular plot, multiply the radius (half the diameter of the circle) by itself and multiply it by 3.14 (rxrx3.14).

Step 2

Multiply the area in Step 1 by the depth in feet that you want your soil to be (e.g., 3 inches deep equals 0.25 feet). Then divide by 27. This is the amount of soil in cubic yards that you need to buy.

Step 3

Take this measurement to a local Georgia landscaper, landscape supplier or garden products store. In general, small bags of soil that are less than one cubic yard are sold in stores with garden centers, such as Lowes or Walmart. However, larger quantities are available at landscaper suppliers, such as Green Bros. Earth Works and Georgia Landscape Supply. Keep in mind that the price per cubic yard typically drops as purchase quantity grows.

Step 4

Look at the package to see how many cubic yards it is. Often cubic yards is written in parentheses after cubic feet. If you don't see cubic yards, divide the cubic feet by 27 to convert it to cubic yards. When buying by the scoop or truckload, the dealer will tell you exactly how many cubic yards it is.

Step 5

Figure out any delivery costs, if applicable. Landscape suppliers usually deliver soil and other similar products, but for a fee. Price is typically based on distance and how it is delivered (e.g., dump truck verses tractor trailer). For example, as of 2010, Georgia Landscape Supply charges a minimum of $60 to deliver soil to your home.

Step 6

Divide the price by the number of cubic yards. First, add any delivery costs to the overall soil cost before dividing by the number of cubic yards. The result is the price per cubic yard. Use this number to compare prices before buying the soil.

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