How to Recycle Plant Containers


Unless you purchase all of your garden transplants in peat pots, you are left with a great number of plastic containers after planting your garden. From seedling trays to individual transplant pots, you can be left with a number of plant containers that need to be disposed of or reused.

Step 1

Contact your local recycling agency to see if it takes this type of plastic. You will need to wash out the containers to ensure they do not have dirt remaining inside.

Step 2

Reuse the containers for starting your own seeds for the next growing season. Wash with hot water and bleach to sterilize the containers before you plant.

Step 3

Contact your local state university agricultural department. Some, but not all, will accept used containers.


  • Penn State Extension: Recycling Used Agricultural Plastics (PDF)
  • University of Illinois Extension: Plastic Pot Recycling
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