Pond Plants That Can Be 10 Inches Underwater

Ponds make beautiful water features in your landscape and add a natural look to the overall surroundings. You can use ponds to create water gardens and fish habitats that you fill with aquatic plants. Pond plants that can be 10 inches underwater are known as submerged plants, which are oxygenators and important to maintaining a healthy environment in the pond.

Coontail or Hornwort

Coontail or hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) is a perennial plant that frequently grows into thick colonies. This rootless, submerged pond plant has a deep olive-green color and grows in clear to murky water up to depths of 20 feet. Coontail plants have no roots and the upper leaves on the plant can reach the pond surface. The bushy tips of the plants resemble a coontail or Christmas tree, hence the name. This pond plant reproduces through fragmentation or by seeds.

Anacharis and Elodea

Anacharis and elodea pond plants (Egeria densa, Elodea canadensis var. gigantean, E. nuttallii) are similar in appearance and often confused or listed as the same plant. However, anacharis is non-native, subtropical plant, while elodea is native to North America and a hardier than anacharis, according to BackyardGardner.com. Elodea's leaves are smaller. These multibranched and bushy plants are rooted perennials, but can be grown floating. You can break off stem cuttings to reproduce more of these plants in your pond.

Baby Pondweed

Baby pondweed or small pondweed (Potamogeton pedctinatus) is a perennial plant that thrives underwater in ponds. The plants grow upward from dense, matted rhizomes and produce no floating leaves. Baby pondweed has slender, lengthy stems with many branches and thin leaves ranging from 2 inches to more than 1 foot long, which come to a point at the end. The leaves develop into dense layers, come from a sheath and the plants produce a nut-like fruit.

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