Birch Tree Crafts for Christmas

Prepare beautiful birch tree decorations a week or two before Christmas with help from your family. Birch wood is durable and easy to work with, making wonderful accent pieces and decorations. Use birch branches, twigs and bark to create homemade decorations that will save on excess costs while allowing you to spend memorable hours with your family.

Reindeer Decoration

Reindeer are a traditional part of Christmas. Make little reindeer to spruce up the area around the tree or on a mantel or table, or place a couple outside your main door. Cut two lengths of birch branch--one to use for the body and a smaller one for the head. Cut four equal lengths of dowel for the legs. Drill four tiny holes into the larger birch section at points where the legs will be attached. Angle the two front holes so the legs face opposite each other, and do the same for the back legs. Glue the tips of the dowels before inserting each into a hole. Drill a hole in the center of the smaller birch section and insert a smaller length of dowel for the neck. Drill a hole one-third away from the front of the reindeer's body and insert the neck. Paint two eyes on each side of the head, and glue a red bead for the nose and a cotton ball for the tail. Place tufts of cotton around each reindeer to depict snow.

Hanging Tree Decorations

Collect birch bark from fallen branches or trees. Place the bark on a flat, even surface, and position a cookie cutter in the shape of a Christmas tree over it. Trace the outline carefully and cut it out. Paint it green and glue red beads for berries to the surface. Punch a small hole at the top and run string through it. Make many of these to hang on your Christmas tree or in different places throughout your home.

Birch Christmas Tree

Glue the bark of a birch tree to a Styrofoam cone. Also glue red beads for berries all over the Christmas tree. Insert a thick, straight birch twig into the base of the cone one-third of the way. Stand this Christmas tree in a candle holder or narrow long vase and place over your fireplace or center table.

Santa Claus Wall Hanging

Christmas is never complete without a Santa. Sketch and paint Santa's jolly face on an unpainted wood plaque using tempera paint. Use birch tree bark for the long curly beard and glue it in place. Spray the entire surface with clear lacquer to protect it and attach a hanger to the back.

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