Ideas for Landscaping Ponds

Whether you have a modest lot or a huge yard to work with, a pond can give your landscape a touch of wildness. Ponds attract waterfowl, deer and other wildlife and can sustain water plants and fish, adding a new dimension to your yard. They also reflect trees and other large landscape objects, creating additional visual appeal.

Pond Waterfall

Moving water can provide an enjoyable contrast to the stillness of a pond. Install a waterfall at one end of the pond to enjoy the sight and sound of water trickling into a quiet, shady pool. If you have a natural stream, landscape it to empty into your pond. Otherwise, install a pond kit to pump water out of your pond and send it cascading back in. Disguise the source with large rocks to give it a more natural look and send the water cascading over boulders or trickling down a rock wall into the pond. If you prefer a more ornamental look, install a fountain in the middle of your pond. It will give your pond a classy look and help aeration by stirring up the water.

Rustic Pond

If you don't have a lot of room or prefer a minimalistic look, create a rustic pond. Line a small basin with a rim made out of stones of different sizes to create a thrown together look. Place logs or rough stone benches nearby for seating or create a stone retaining wall that can double as a bench. If you have room, grow a small stand of cattails or ornamental grass near one end. The pond will add interest to your landscape without requiring the space or maintenance of a traditional pond with aquatic plants or fish.

Raised Pond

Give your yard an unusual look by constructing a raised pond. Dig a shallow ditch, then build a sturdy retaining wall around it to bring the water level up. Install a liner and add plants, rocks, fish or other unusual ornaments as you normally would.

Think Local

It can be tempting to add exotic, colorful aquatic plants and fish to your pond, but using local flora and fauna has its advantages. Local plants and animals will survive more readily in your climate and draw wildlife to your pond, giving it a more naturalistic look.

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