How to Start an Electric Mower


Electric mowers are a popular option for those wanting to save the earth from the fumes that gas-powered models emit and to eliminate some of the maintenance required with gas-powered mowers including tune-ups, advises Consumer Reports. Electric mowers come equipped with a simple starting mechanism. Your starting instructions may vary slightly with each model, but most models offer similar controls.

Step 1

Place the switch or safety key into the motor's assembly slot or key hole. If using a corded model, first plug the end of the electric mower's cord into an extension cord and then plug the extension cord into an outdoor outlet.

Step 2

Turn the lever release counterclockwise and hold or turn the ignition key. On some models, you may only need to hold down the start button.

Step 3

Pull the switch control or control bar located in front of the handlebars back toward the handle and release the lever release. Hold the switch control or squeeze the control levers until you finish mowing.


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