Gardening Camp Craft Ideas

If you are leading a gardening camp, you need plenty of ideas to fill the day up. Whether you need simple projects for young kids or more educational ones for older children, you can find many crafts that relate to gardening and the great outdoors. Some projects will require the assistance of adults if the kids are young to ensure that they will not injure themselves.

Rock Turtle

The rock turtle is a simple gardening craft for various age groups. For each turtle, find one larger, round, flat stone for the body and five smaller, more spherical stones for the head and feet. Paint the stones with brown and green patio paint and glue the stones to create the turtle form. Finish them with a polyurethane varnish to make them more durable.

Mail Box

At the beginning of the camp term, have students each create their own mailbox to send messages back and forth and to receive newsletters and daily activity bulletins. Have campers paint a coffee can to their own tastes. Use an extra plastic coffee tin lid to create a mailbox flag that can swivel by the use of a metal brad inserted into a hole the campers make in the side with a nail.

Yard Stake Flowers

Create yard stake flowers with colored foam sheets and wooden craft sticks. First paint the craft sticks green to make the stems. Then cut the flower petals from the foam sheets and glue them together with craft glue. Use more craft glue to attach the blossoms to the stems.

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