White or Pink Tree Flowers That Bloom in Spring

With flowering trees, you can add more visual interest to a yard, bringing the spring colors high and low in your landscaping. Pink and white blossoms are common for trees that bloom, although other colors can also be found. Pink blooming trees can either bring vibrancy or a delicate coloring to a landscape, depending on the hue you choose.

Flowering Dogwood

What appears to be flowers on the flowering dogwood technically aren't actually flowers, but instead bracts. Still, the bracts have a flowerlike appearance, with a pleasant white color. They bloom in the early spring. The trees don't grow more than 45 feet tall.

Cherry Tree

The delicate, elegant cherry blossoms, a recurring theme in Japanese cinema, are a delicate, pale shade of pink. The blooms cover much of the tree when they blossom in spring. Ornamental cherry trees do not produce the cherry seen in grocery stores.

Flowering Crab Apple

The flowering crab apple produces slightly variegated pink blossoms that are relatively vibrant. The buds are usually pink or red, while the blossoms are lighter in color and grow lighter over time. Crab apples can grow in more Northern United States areas, such as the Midwest.


The mimosa, with pink blossoms, grows best in Southern climates. One species of mimosa has leaves that are sensitive to touch. The petals of the mimosa blossom are small and spindly in appearance.

Crape Myrtle

The crape myrtle has blossoms of many different pink shades, from a delicate blush to bright fuchsia in addition to white and lavender shades. Some varieties can grow to 30 feet tall, while others top out at around 10 feet.


One of the icons of a Southern landscape, the magnolia tree has very large, typically white blossoms with pink or yellow stamen and dark green, glossy leaves. The blossoms of the magnolia last for a long time, well into the summer months.


The hawthorn tree, sometimes known as the thornapple tree, typically has many small, white flowers, although not as many as the flowering cherry tree. The berries of the hawthorn are a bright red shade.

Eastern Redbud

Despite its name, the eastern redbud produces pink flowers of a medium shade that have a slightly purple tint. The tree grows from 20 to 30 feet high. Eastern redbuds grow in a variety of climate zones, and are found in the wild in the Eastern portion of the United States.

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