How to Dress Grape Vines


Grapevines, whether living or fake, bring a rustic, elegant accent to any household. Whether you want to line a mantle for the holidays and decorate a patch of grapevines in your garden for a party, there are several ideas of dressing up the vines. An ideal way to dress grapevines is with a theme, such as a holiday, season or special occasion.

Step 1

Create a wreath to hang indoors or outdoors with real or fake grapevines. Bend the vine into a circle and secure the ends together with a hot glue gun. Dress it up with dried flowers, such as lavender and baby's breath, other fake fruits or vegetables, such as squash for a Thanksgiving theme. Try not to layer the flowers, but rather create small bouquets in different corners of the wreath so the beauty of the grapevine can come through.

Step 2

Dress up the grapevines on your landscape. This works especially well for holidays or special occasions outdoors, such as a picnic or night-time barbecue. Weave tiny string lights through the grapevine, or tiny lanterns that reflect light. This light reflection will go well with the greenery of the grapevine. During the holidays, wrap tinsel, autumn leaves or bead garlands through the grape vines that reflect the holiday theme.

Step 3

Create a tapestry of fake grapevines to hang on a wall. Attach cup hooks on either side of the room and string a floral wire between them to support the grape tapestry. This works well for holidays and theme parties. Hot glue embellishments such as sequins, individual metallic strands, berries, tiny stockings or bottles of liquor, candy or chocolates, silk or velvet bows or jewels. Space things evenly apart and try to not to crowd the natural beauty of the grapevines to keep it classy and interesting.

Step 4

Create a table runner with a real or fake grapevine (complete with grapes and twigs), especially for an event with an autumn theme or just to bring bright colors into the home. Wind it around a mantel with candles sitting in votive glasses within in, or trail it down the middle of a large dinner table. Curve it slightly to look more natural, and work with it until you find a design that appeals to you.

Step 5

Secure colorful bows to the top of the grape vine trellis, stake or cane for parties or holidays, such as red bows for Christmas and light pink or blue bows for a baby shower or birthday. Keep them fluffy, large and even.

Things You'll Need

  • Fake or real grapevines
  • Dried flowers
  • String lights or lanterns
  • Hot glue gun
  • Embellishments
  • Floral wire
  • Cup hooks
  • Bows
  • Votive candles


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