Planting Gerber Daisies


The gerber daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) is a native of South Africa and an important crop for the cut-flower industry. Blooming in brightly-colored flowers that can measure 4 to 5 inches across, gerber daisies add spark to the garden. These flowers are easy to grow in containers or in the flower bed, given sunshine in the morning and afternoon shade in particularly hot regions. As an added bonus, gerber daisies attract birds, bees and butterflies into the garden. Plant the gerber daisies as soon as evening temperatures remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 1

Prepare the gerber daisy bed by aerating the soil. Dig into it to a depth of 8 inches, using the shovel or gardening fork to smash any large clumps of soil. Remove any debris that you find, such as rocks and old roots.

Step 2

Add a 3-inch layer of compost or manure to the bed, and mix it into the top 6 inches of soil. Rake the soil until it is level.

Step 3

Dig planting holes for the gerber daisies to the same depth at which they are currently growing. The holes should be twice as wide as the nursery pot and spaced 12 to 15 inches apart.

Step 4

Carefully remove the plants from the pots, and place the roots in the hole. If the gerber daisies are stuck in the pots, lay them on their sides and press on the sides to loosen the rootball's connection with the plastic.

Step 5

Throw a handful of soil into each hole and use your fingers to work the soil around the roots, then completely fill the hole. Tamp the top of the soil lightly to remove any air pockets.

Step 6

Water to a depth of 6 inches, and allow the soil to dry before watering again.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel or gardening fork
  • Compost or rotted manure
  • Rake
  • Gardening trowel


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