Common Favorite Flowers

While there are thousands of flowers in every color, size, texture and shape imaginable, even most people who aren't knowledgeable about flowers have a favorite flower that is familiar and instantly recognizable in a cut flower bouquet or in the garden. Most favorite flowers are reminders of treasured memories and have been loved for generations.


The rose is one of the most common favorite flowers, so beloved and treasured that rose bushes are often handed down from generation to generation. According to the University of Illinois, fossils of ancient roses indicate that roses have been in existence for at least 35 million years. Although roses have evolved over the years, most of today's roses can be traced back to roses that were introduced into Europe from China in the late 18th century.


Carnation, favored for its lovely compact blooms, lacy foliage and spicy aroma, is often used in cut flower bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Carnations, fairly new to the United Stated, were introduced by Europeans in the early 19th century. As settlers moved west, carnation lovers brought their favorite seeds with them to introduce a spot of color in their new homes, according to documents in the Colorado Agricultural Archive.


Colorful tulips appearing in early spring are a sign that winter is coming to a close and warm days are ahead. According to the University of Illinois, the first tulip bulbs were planted in Holland in the 16th century. Tulips soon became very valuable. Today, tulips are affordable and widely available in a variety of sizes and a rainbow of bright hues.


The iris is favored for the striking beauty of the intensely colored, ruffled blooms. The iris is used to beautify cut flower bouquets and is a favorite in the perennial garden, easy to grow in spite of its exotic beauty. The iris is available in a range of diverse colors, including dark shades of purple or in gentle pink or lavender pastels. Louisiana State University notes that the iris was the model for the fleur-de-lise, representing French royalty and signifying light, life and perfection.

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