How to Kill Wild Bermuda Grass


Bermuda grass is a drought-tolerate perennial grass that can take over a lawn of warm- or cool-season grasses quickly. It spreads through rhizomes, below the surface of the soil making most topical herbicides ineffective. Killing the top of the grass will only slow the growth, as the rhizomes continue to spread below. Herbicides can be ineffective and harmful to children and pets. More natural methods can bring results and prevent harmful accidents from occurring.

Step 1

Pull clumps of Bermuda grass from the lawn using your hands. Remove large clumps with a spade shovel and discard the roots, grass and the soil.

Step 2

Spread dry molasses over the entire area. Coat the grass with the molasses. It can be purchased from a local farm supply center.

Step 3

Cover the entire area with a clear plastic sheet. Secure the sides and corners to prevent water and air from reaching the soil and grass beneath. Leave the cover in place for two weeks.

Step 4

Remove the plastic cover and rake the dead grass from the lawn. Discard and prepare the soil for a fresh planting of the grass you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Dry molasses
  • Plastic sheet
  • Rake


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